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forum in california. what's up with that? we go live to san francisco. hi, claudia. >> reporter: good morning, jamie. 4,000 people are attending the national postal forum here in san francisco. 400 are with the u.s. postal service, including the post master general, who will be making a presentation. did over the next four days, executives will be meeting with shippers and those in the direct mail industry. then, everyone gets to have a good time here in san francisco. there is going to be a golf outing, a dinner, a lavish dinner, featuring the foods of fisherman's wharf and chinatown and dancing. the travel, $220,000 in exhibit space and other incidentals will cost the u.s. postal service $2.2 million. the agency received no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations. and the usps says it makes more money than it spens because of the networking that happens here. critics point out the post office is a monopoly that shouldn't need to spend millions of dollars to network. they say that given the agency is $16 billi
. >> i think it's national, too. adam, i'm not sure what the situation is in san francisco, but they are a little more ahead of new york city? >> i'm not sure what the facts. i don't think we have a walmart in strand and i don't think its labor issue necessarily. this is similar to a last conversation. i agree this is not a national issue. people in new york -- walmart. >> they are trying to make a national issue. >> let adam finish. >> i don't think this is particularly fair to walmart what is happening in new york city. having said that the opposition to walmart is sincere. yes, it brings down prices. >> when you say it's unfair to walmart. what about being unfair to people who live in these neighborhoods. poorest congressional district in america. you know how many people would love to be able to love to buy a flat screen tv. are you kidding me? >> if you want a policy debate, you want to tell me how many businesses will go out of business. i'm not saying -- >> last word, gary. >> walmart is is a job creating machine. to stop them from creating more jobs in a city that n
into a tree in san francisco's golden gate park is tiny little door. it's a mystery how it got there, who made it and what purpose it serves, but people, young and old are flocking to that site to catch a glimpse. they have a lot of discovery saying the door is for fairies or a gateway to another land. some passers by have placed candies and notes inside. park service have no plan to remove the door. if your story wasn't picked, we will a post the others on our show web page, and tomorrow, remember, fox news sunday kicks off exclusive easter message from cardinal, and mark kelly gabby
and direct mail industry and then everybody has a good time in san francisco. golf outing, fancy dinner featuring the foods of fisherman's wharf and documents show the travel, $220,000 in space and others will cost the postal service $2.2 million. the agency received no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage productsed to fund the operation. they say they make more of the money than they spend here because of the networking that happens. they say they shouldn't be spending millions of dollars to network. given the agency is $16 billion in debt, u.s.g.s. is out of touch. >> we're a nation in austerity. and the postal service is deep in the hole and to see they are having a lavish conference and dance party, it's beyond the pale. >> reporter: in a letter fired off to the postmaster, tom graves of georgia said, spending millions to participate in the conference seems to exhibit extremely poor judgment by the leadership. in fact as they cut services and near, the defense defies logic. it is an expense getting close scrutiny in washington as they hold formal hea
out, austin is the latest city to join the ban. san francisco was the first back in 2007. what about the cost to these retailers and consumers have to buy the cloth bags? >> first of all, when somebody comes to a grocery store with something in the bag the grocery store has a right to look inside. they can post a sign, we reserve the right to look in every bag. there is an issue does it contributed to landfill. landfill is about 1% a year but as republicans say, that landfill adds up. i agree with tammy, we do need to have a public accounting of what happens to that money just like when there was prohibition, all that tax was supposed to go to prevention and it didn't. there needs to be a public accounting. when you take a look at it. there are also reasons in terms of kids swallowing and animals, this makes a lot of sense. >> heather: there is also multiple research papers that have said that the negative repercussions that you mentioned to public health, although supporters or discounted those findings. one study released late last summer cited emergency room treatment data after t
crew held up a flight for a san francisco man to make sure that he was able to say goodbye to his dying mother. his flight to texas was delayed and he was at risk for missing the connection. the crew stepped in delaying takeoff for 15 minutes. a united spokesman says being on time is a priority for the airline but the crews are allowed to make "out of the box decisions" to help customers. for more on that go to >> shannon: thank you, good news. a lot of you have written to us when we asked and you say you are anxious about filing your taxes this year. we have questions, tooion and we want to help. brenda buttner has been fielding questions online and joins us with answers to your questions. >> many of you tack your work at home or work at home and may consider asking uncle sam for a tax deduction. think twice. if you are a small business owner working from home you can claim a home office deduction but it is a potential red flag for the ers. the agency requires whatever office space you are claiming in your home has to be exclusive to your business. can't be using this offi
that money? claudia cowen in san francisco with the story. >> reporter: the national postal forum here underway and it is delivering more than seminars about shipping and direct mail. with a golf tournament, dance and fancy dinners on the schedule there will be plenty of fun for the 4,000 attendees including 400 staffers with the u.s. postal service a government agency spending big dollars to be here despite being $16 billion in debt. documents show the travel, $220,000 in exhibit space and other incidentals will cost the postal service $2.2 million. attendees including the post master general will enjoy live music and a bank wet featuring the foods of fisherman's wharf and chinatown. the post office says the four day conference will make money by generating new sales leads for shippers and direct mail firms but critics don't buy it and suggest postal executives are out of touch. >> they are tone deaf to the actual reality on the ground and how this will be perceived and that is something that our executives whether in the regular federal government or the postal servicester to take no
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7